Senden kendini tanıtan bir video hazırlamanı ve velilerinle birlikte imzaladığın buraya tıklayarak indireceğin izin formu (Video Consent Form) ile birlikte online formdaki ilgili yerlere yüklemeni rica ediyoruz.

Online forma geri dönmek için aşağıdaki bağlantıyı kullanabilirsin:

AFS ülkeleri videoyu hazırlarken aşağıdaki noktaları dikkate almanı rica etti:

  • 35-40 seconds
  • Preferrably in avi format
Information to include in your message:
  • Your first name only
  • The country you are from, not the town or other specific location
  • A little bit about you and the things you like
  • Why you want to go on AFS
  • What you hope to get/gain from your exchange
How to film?
  • You can film with a smartphone or with a camera.
  • Ask someone to film you or put the camera on a stand; it will be better than a selfie video
  • Set your camera or device in horizontal
  • Posture yourself not too far from the camera
  • Sit or stand in a well-lit area, but do no film against the light
  • Make sure there is enough light if you are filming inside and that we get to see your face.
Where to film?
  • You can choose to film in your house, inside or outside. Or a place that it’s famous in your city or your favorite place in town.
  • Avoid noisy places and make sure we can hear what you are saying.
  • Choose a nice background that is not too busy
How to dress?
  • You don’t need to dress up.
  • A normal t-shirt/sweater and jeans/trousers/skirt it’s OK.
  • But if you want show us a national costume that is OK too.
  • Make sure there are no explicit or offensive content on your clothing
Please avoid (Lütfen yapmayın!):
  • adding background music when you are talking
  • Adding questions at the bottom of the video.
  • Don’t mention the full name of your school, your last name, last names for any other people you talk about in your video
  • Don’t mention the city you live in or information like “capital of Turkey” or “city on two continents” that would make it easy to identify.